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The moment is upon us: Rebels have reunited, Thrawn’s grand design has been put into motion, and everyone just wants to get back to the galaxy that’s a little less far, far away than the one they’re currently in. Ahsoka’s finale is here, and… well, there’s a lot that needs sorting out.

The final chapter of the latest Star Wars show has a ton of stuff up in the air as we head into it. Ahsoka reunited with Sabine and Ezra last week, and Thrawn used this happy reunion to give him the time he needed to prepare to escape Peridea and return to the Star Wars galaxy as we all know it, as the heir to the Empire’s remnants. And then there’s whatever the hell’s now going on with Shin and Baylan; the former was run off by our heroes after her failed assault and has been seemingly abandoned by her master, and the latter is preparing to figure out what just mysterious power has been calling to him, driving his whole quest on the show so far.

As we’re left wondering if there’s going to be more Ahsoka beyond tonight’s episode, even if there is—beyond knowing Dave Filoni’s “Mandoverse” movie is on the way—this is an episode with a lot resting on its shoulders, in terms of wrapping up things in at least a satisfying way, even if the threat of Thrawn is still going to linger for a good while yet. Can the show find a balance between satisfying resolution and teasing what’s to come? What are we going to get from Ray Stevenson’s final, bittersweet contribution to Star Wars as one of its most intriguing recent characters? Will Gilad Pellaeon finally get to see his bestie? Does Chopper still have time to do at least one very funny war crime on Thrawn’s return? So many questions, and a lot of them are probably not going to get answers.

What do you want from the Ahsoka finale? What are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments below, and once the episode’s dropped, come back and have a spoilery chat among your fellow Star Wars fans while you wait for io9’s full recap of the episode to hit tomorrow.

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