Fantagraphics Atlas Library Preview: Remastered Marvel Horror

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Before Marvel Comics became Marvel Comics, the company had a whole host of different iterations and identities over the Golden Age of comics—and did so much more comics material than just superheroes. And now, in gloriously remastered high definition, you can experience a chilling jolt of some of that era’s spookiest comics!

Launching today from Fantagraphics, the Atlas Library series will collect volumes of some of the classic genre comics—horror, romance, war and crime tales, and more—from the time what would become Marvel Comics was simply Atlas Comics. Appropriately for All Hallow’s Eve, the series is debuting with a volume collecting remastered editions of a selection of legendary, rarely reprinted stories from Adventures Into Terror, Atlas’ pulpy, pre-Comics-Code monthly horror comic.

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Image: Fantagraphics

The first volume of The Atlas Comics Library: Adventures Into Terror includes a bevy of tales from across the first eight issues of Adventures, a collection of the grim, violent, and chilling tales that would eventually see the U.S. clamp down on adult material in comics during the 1950s, curtailing the genre boom that eventually saw the rejuvenation of the superhero comics genre in the Silver Age. To celebrate the release, io9 has a look at the remastered edition of one of the tales in the collection, “The Brain,” by Russ Heath. Happy Halloween, ghoulies: click through to face some retro frights!

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