Crunchyroll is Shutting Down, Absorbing Anime Store Right Stuf

Since 1987, Right Stuf has been a reliable way for those who don’t live in Japan to purchase anime. In 2022, it was acquired by Sony, after which it became part of Crunchyroll while still operating as its own thing. But starting next month, Right Stuf will be no more as it becomes fully integrated into Crunchyroll.

Come October 10, Right Stuf’s store will close down, and all its product will be transferred over to the Crunchyroll Store. After that date, the Right Stuf website will also redirect to said store. The press release said the integration will “enrich the shopping experience for the anime community by offering even more ways for fans to express their love for the medium. […] Crunchyroll’s newly expanded eCommerce store will boast a collection of over 30,000 products, encompassing a diverse range of over 4,000 titles.” And the annual holiday sale that have been previously done by Right Stuf will now be done at Crunchyroll, though Anime News Network noted there would be “some changes” to this year’s sale—though at time of writing, those changes are currently under wraps.

In a statement from Emerging Business VP Terry Li, using Right Stuf to help expand the Crunchyroll Store “underscores our commitment to providing fans with the ultimate destination for anime-inspired merchandise and collectibles. Commerce is an important element of the anime lifestyle that allows fans to proudly display their passion, and we look forward to growing the global love of anime by continuing to expand our eCommerce capabilities.”

Along with distributing anime, Right Stuf had the license to publish some anime (such as the 1963 Astro Boy, Macross, and Revolutionary Girl Utena) via its Nozomi Entertainment division. Those licenses—and projects such as the Blu-Ray release for the series Dirty Pair—are said to be unaffected by Right Stuf’s shuttering. Similarly, it’s been said there won’t be any disruption to the international shipping and availability that Right Stuf previously handled.

Right Stuf will be fully integrated into Crunchyroll on Tuesday, October 10. More information on what’s to come can be read here. The FAQ covers how international shipping will be handled going forward, Right Stuf accounts transitioning into Crunchyroll accounts, and more.

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