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Why You’ll Want to Root for Eagles’ Jalen Hurts During the Super Bowl

Jalen Hurts is making football fanatics feel so good.

As the countdown continues for Super Bowl 2023, there’s no question Philadelphia Eagles fans view their NFL quarterback as an all-star. But in the weeks leading up to the big game against the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick MahomesJalen has won over so many more for his skills off the field.

In addition to that irresistible smile that has become a fixture on TikTok, the 24-year-old Texas native has earned a reputation for being wise beyond his years. Need proof? Just ask his teammates, who shared some of their favorite expressions from the quarterback.

“‘Rain, sleet or snow, the Eagles gonna go,'” running back Miles Sanders recalled to reporters. “Somebody also asked him what was his favorite play of the year and he said, ‘The year ain’t over yet.'”

It’s that winning attitude that could help Jalen and his team pick up the Lombardi Trophy Feb. 12.

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