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Ukrainian intelligence has assets in Putin’s circle

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

“These are people beyond all suspicion, known as supporters of ‘great Russia,'” he said. “There are plenty of people around Putin who don’t support his policy towards Ukraine.”

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Chernyak noted that Putin’s allies are helping the Ukrainian Intelligence not out of good intentions towards Ukraine, but for their own benefit.

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“Someone (does it) to save a life, someone – because they are losing money,” he explained. “After the invasion of Ukraine, several people began to lose money and influence very quickly. They don’t like it.”

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Chernyak also added that these people in the Kremlin will be able to overthrow Putin only when he is sufficiently weakened. Right now, they aren’t ready.

On Feb. 11, Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russia did not have sufficient resources to launch a large-scale offensive by the anniversary of a full-scale invasion on Feb. 24.

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