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Jason Kelce lost the 2023 Super Bowlbut he was still there to give his brother, Travis Kelce, a big hug on the field after the game. Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs won the game, beating out Jason’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-35. Amidst the post-game celebrations, Jason found his way to Travis to congratulate him on the incredible win.

The 2023 Super Bowl marked the first time that brothers played each other in the big game. The duo’s mom, Donna Kelcewas in the stands at the game, cheering on both teams by wearing half Eagles and half Chiefs gear for her game day outfit. Jason and Travis were supportive of each other heading into the game, but this officially gives Travis a 2-1 lead on Super Bowl wins in the Kelce family.

travis jason keckle
Travis and Jason Kelce at the Super Bowl. (Dave Shopland/Shutterstock)

At 35, Jason is two years older than Travis, who is 33. Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, was 38 weeks pregnant at the Super Bowl, and brought two OB-GYNs with her to the game. The couple already has two children together, as well. Meanwhile, Travis is one of the most eligible bachelors of the NFL, as he split from longtime girlfriend, Kayla Nicolein 2022.

Travis and Jason host a sports podcast together, and were on the air just days before the big game. Ahead of the game, Donna appeared on the podcast, and admitted that she would be on the field for Travis over Jason after the game. “I will be on the field for you, Travis,” Donna shared. “Jason will have his family on the field, so no, I won’t be on the field for Jason.”

Patrick Mahomes was awarded MVP after the game, but Travis was by his side in the middle of the field. Travis scored the first touchdown of the game after a pass from Patrick. Congratulations to the Chiefs!

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