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This AI-Powered Robot Arm Collaborates With Humans to Create Unique Paintings

Photo: Carnegie Mellon University

A new AI robotic arm was created to paint compelling artwork and is now coming to the forefront as a revolutionary entity. FRIDA (Framework and Robotics Initiative for Developing Arts) is a robotic arm created at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science and is the newest addition to the university’s art world.

The AI ​​arm is named after the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahoh and can collaborate with humans to create works of art, Aaron Aupperlee, Senior Director of Media Relations, said in a letter shared with Gizmodo.

FRIDA’s creation was conducted by Peter Schaldenbrand, a Ph.D. student at the School of Computer Science alongside faculty members Jean Oh and Jim McCann.

Upperlee shared FRIDA’s works of art with Gizmodo along with photos of FRIDA’s paintings.

Click through to see FRIDA’s artistic process.

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