The cost of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s war with M23 | Conflict

From: UpFront

The DRC’s Minister of Communications, Patrick Muyaya, on the fighting in his country and Rwanda’s role in the conflict.

Continuing fighting in the resource-rich Democratic Republic of the Congo, between the army and the Mouvement du 23 Mars, or M23, has left hundreds dead and millions displaced in the country’s eastern provinces.

The DRC government blames neighboring Rwanda for supporting M23, an allegation Kigali has denied, despite evidence documented by the United Nations and Human Rights Watch among others.

As fighting intensifies, many fear the conflict could escalate into war between the two countries.

So what’s in store for the Congolese people? And is there a path towards peace?

Mr UpFrontDRC Minister of Communications and government spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya, joins Marc Lamont Hill to discuss the conflict in his country and address regional fears that the fighting could spill across DRC’s borders.

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