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The Challenge: Ride or Die Winners on Why They Gave Money Away

Oh! News: Where do you and Jordan stand now?
TD: We are great friends. He just texted me a video about how being vegan is stupid, so like, we’re always going to clash, but we’re good friends.

Oh! News: Devin, fans were curious to see the dynamic between you and Johnny Bananas after your feud during 2018’s Final Reckoning. And your unexpected friendship became one of the highlights of the season.
DW: When I met Johnny, it was on Rivals 3and he didn’t say a single word to [partner] Sarah [Rice] for the first three weeks outside of competition. They would get on the bus, not talk, do the walk-in, not talk, the rules would get explained, they would talk very briefly, most of the time they would win and then we would get on the bus and they would not talk again until they had to make a decision about who they were going to send in. And for the record, seven times that was me. So, I knew he had serious stubbornness when it comes to people that he doesn’t like.

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