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The 10 Hungriest Super Bowl Tweets of All Time

Photo: ungvar (Shutterstock)

This weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs face off against Philadelphia Eagles on the world’s most hotly anticipated Sunday of the year. But on the internet, an even fiercer event is set to take place: the battle of food brands on Twitter, hungry for attention. They’re duking it out to win our hearts and stomachs.

The event, lovingly dubbed the #brandbowl by the marketing industry, has become an annual tradition in and of itself. As you read this, the social media managers of the world are stretching their typing fingers and scheduling their tweets to blast out in the lead up to the big game. People spend a lot of money at the grocery store on Super Bowl weekend, and the brands are going to do everything they can to score a piece of the financial pie.

If history is any indication, the results will be cringy, weird, and in one rare casedelightful.

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