Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein Guest-Starring on Harley Quinn

The more we hear about Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special, the more hyped we are for it. We already know it centers on Poison Ivy getting such a big O from Harls that it unleashes a wave of pheromones that makes all of Gotham horny, which legit is the perfect unhinged plot twist for a holiday special.

Now, we get a bit of delightful stunt casting in the form of comedian, podcaster, co-creator of Apple TV’s Shrinking, Muppets super-fan, as well as writer and star on Ted Lasso—that’s right, Roy Kent himself, but as his real self, Brett Goldstein. The person, not his persona lasso, will be making a shirtless appearance, the better to show off his hairy chest, on Harley Quinn and we would like to know which god to thank for this. Zeus? Here’s the official imagery from the special shared by Entertainment Weekly.

Brett Goldstein comedy special billboard

Image: HBO Max Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

More Brett Goldstein is always a good thing, as the multi-hyphenate actor joins multiple universes. “Brett is so humble, he actually was like, ‘Do you want me to do this as Roy Kent?’ And when I said, ‘No, I’d like for you to do you,’ he seemed sort of taken back,” Patrick Schumacker told EW about directing the Emmy winner’s DC canon debut as himself. “Which was very charming, of course. But no, it just felt right, because he is a heartthrob, whether he likes it or not. Sorry, Brett!”

We’re curious to see how he plays into the plot of the episode which will feature him polishing his trophy on stage in front of a live audience. Maybe he’ll have a heart to heart with Clayface on his journey to find self-love. All this feels like a double entendre, which is fitting for the HQ Universe Gotham.

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special will drop on HBO Max February 9.

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