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Shania Twain Reveals Her Honest Opinions on Cher, Madonna & More Icons

There are some music artists that certainly impress Shania Twain.

Fitting with the title of her new album Queen of Me—out Feb. 3—Shania gushed about her fellow music industry queens exclusively on the Feb. 2 episodes of Oh! News (airing tonight at 11 pm). And though she may be a country superstar, Shania is a total fangirl for one of pop music’s biggest icons: the one and only Cher.

“She is the most diverse artist ever,” Shania shared. Having been a fan of the “Believe” singer since she was a child, the 57-year-old noted that she has loved “watching her go through all these evolutions in her life,” from “her fashion sense” to “her stage presence” and more.

“She’s funny,” Shania added. “She’s great at everything she does.”

Cher isn’t the only pop royalty Shania—who was recently honored with The Music Icon Award at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards in December 2022—has admired over the years. “I love Madonna,” she revealed. “I’m a big fan. I always thought her vision of aesthetics was incredible.”

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