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We haven’t seen the last of Pamela Anderson‘s sexiness yet, and likely won’t be anytime soon. The iconic Baywatch stunner55, just revealed to British Vogue what was inside her Stella McCartney handbag — including a tiny pink thong — and what she does with it! “Hi, British Vogue,” she said as she jumped on a bed wearing nothing but an off-white boyfriend shirt and her big blonde hair. “I’m Pamela Anderson, and this is what’s in my bag!” She then proceeded to dump out the contents and explain them. “Don’t know why I have a G-string in my purse,” Anderson, 55, said about midway through the video as she pulled out a skimpy baby pink thong.

She then hilariously commented on why, and how, she uses it. “Don’t tell me that you don’t have a scrunchie,” she quipped. “This is the trick of the trade. We’re really flashing back to the ’90s.” she then styled her hair into what looked like a perfect reproduction of the poofy 90s updo everyone was imitating at the time. The “tousled updo,” she added cheekily, “always had a pair of panties in them.”

Pamela Anderson

Preceding the sexy undies was a tube of concealer, a pair of sunglasses, a fan (“for hot flashes,” she said as she snapped it open and fanned herself), and CBD oil for her hands — she says she deals with arthritis. “The is one of my favorite things, this is my scent,” she said as she pulled out a delicate dark jar — one of her most deeply personal items. “This is what I’ve created. It’s a love potion and it’s got ylang-ylang in it. It has my roses, pressed from my garden, and this stuff is amazing,” she added as she sniffed it lightly. Pamela also pulled out a crystal. “Gotta have a love crystal,” she said as she held up a raw purple gem. “This is amethyst, so this is all good for good vibes.”

It’s been a busy time for the blonde bombshell. The mother of two has been promoting both her new memoir, Love, Pamelaand Netflix documentary, Pamela, a Love Story in recent weeks.

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