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Microsoft’s next-gen Bing uses a ‘much more powerful’ language model than ChatGPT

Microsoft’s oft-forgotten search engine is about to get a new lease on life. As expected, the tech giant announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with OpenAI to enhance Bing with the company’s AI technology. However, Microsoft also had a surprise up its sleeve: the next release of Bing will feature a new next-generation large language model the company claims is “much more powerful” than ChatGPT and designed specifically to excel at search. The new Bing offers a chat function and an expanded search bar that allows you to input up to a thousand characters.

Underpinning the search engine is a new proprietary technology Microsoft is calling the Prometheus Model. Among the benefits of Prometheus are more relevant search results, according to the company. Microsoft claims the model will also make using Bing safer and allow the company to update search results more quickly.

In one demo Microsoft showed off during the event, the company’s Yusuf Mehdi asked Bing to compare the most influential Mexican artists and their most well-known paintings. Bing displayed its response in a new side panel that featured annotations and weblinks.


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