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Matthew Modine UFO Documentary: Accidental Truth UFO Revelations

A still from the new documentary Accidental Truth: The UFO Revelations.
Image: 1091 Pictures

A lot was happening in 2020 so there’s a chance you may have missed something—thiswhat the fact the New York Times published a story basically saying aliens are real. The claim was based on a document stating that the government has found unexplained objects that were “not made on this earth.” You read that right.

So yeah, that happened. And it’s a huge part of an upcoming documentary from director Ron James called Accidental Truth: The UFO Revelations, which uses that information from the New York Times as a sort of springboard to investigate just what it all means. Best of all, James got one of the modern masters of unexplained phenomena—Dr. Brenner from Stranger Things himself, Matthew Modine—toh narrate. io9 has your first look at the trailer.

Accidental Truth: UFO Revelations | Official Trailer | Narrated by Matthew Modine

When it comes to these UFO docs, it’s always hard to judge just how revealing it’s going to be from a trailer. You’ve gotta love that this trailer, though, kind of just assumes that aliens are real and goes on from there. Like, oh, right. The biggest news in the history of the world already happened and what’s next? You’ve gotta respect it.

If you want to see more, Accidental Truth: The UFO Revelations will be available digitally on April 18 and you can visit the film’s website, It features interviews with Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Gary Nolan, Ralph Blumenthal, Nick Pope, Col. John Alexander, Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Richard Dolan, Mike Bara, Katie Cook, Dave McDonald, Ron James, Melinda Leslie, Danny Sheehan, Stephen Bassett, Jimmy Church, and Seth Shostak.

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