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Lindsay Lohan Reveals How Moving to Dubai Has Influenced Her Style

Plus, as Lindsay chimed in, “They’re fans of yours too, which helps.”

Not to mention, he had one of his favorite stars cheering him on from the front row. “I get to dress and work with so many talented, amazing actresses and I’ve been such a fan of Lindsay for so long, so it’s so nice that she could finally come,” he said. “She does live very far away, so it’s a long flight but we got her here, which is great!”

Lindsay replied, “It’s really amazing to be able to support Christian and to be with you and collaborative with you.”

So would the two ever collaborate on a future fashion line? “That would be fun,” Christian admitted. “Any time! Come help me. I need it.”

It’s an idea Lindsay is absolutely pleased to hear about. After all, Christian’s clothes make her feel “confident and sexy,” she said, “but also beautiful and I’m not overexposing myself, so I feel modestly sexy.”

Which fits her new sense of style now that she lives in Dubai. “It’s a little bit more conservative sometimes,” she shared of how the Middle East has influenced her wardrobe. “The weather’s different there, it’s hot longer year-round, so sometimes less is more. It depends on wherever you are traveling. Fashion is always fashion.”

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