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Lego BTS, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man

Image: The Pokémon Company, Lego, Super7

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular roundup of the latest toy news tickling our wallets. This week: Super7 goes back to Springfield for another wave of The Simpsons Ultimates figures, Mirage joins Hasbro’s Transformers: Rise of the Beasts toyline, and here’s your chance to celebrate 30 years of Jurassic Park with, of course, Barbasol. Check it out!

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Image: Super7

Super7 The Simpsons Ultimates! Wave 4

Apparently trying to prove it’no The Simpsons super-fan by still refusing to give us basic versions of Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa, Wave 4 of Super7’s The Simpsons Ultimates! line digs even deeper into the animated series’ earlier episodes with four new figures that exactly zero collectors were pining for. The new additions include seven-inch versions of Devil Flanders, Radioactive Man, King-Size Homer, and Mike Tyson parody Drederick Tatum; as with past waves, each comes with a load of accessories and swappable heads and hands. They’re available for pre-order now for $55 for Flanders and Radioactive Man, or $65 for Tatum and Homer, with shipping expected some time in the Fall.

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Image: Lego

Lego Marvel Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Ant-Man Construction Figure

Lego has finally released one of its 9.5-inch tall buildable figures that can be used alongside its standard minifigures with a new Ant-Man Construction Figure that you can just pretend is the character supersizing himself. The 289-piece figure includes lots of articulation, and comes with a microfigure of the Wasp—although you’re going to have to figure out if she’s miniaturized and Ant-Man is normal-sized, or if she’s normal-sized and Ant-Man is actually supersized. It’s available for pre-order now from Lego for $30, with shipping starting on May 1.

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Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Transformers Studio Series Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Deluxe 105 Autobot Mirage

Why Hasbro is so determined to rewrite Transformers lore in its films—the one thing fans are really buying tickets for—is unknown. Those who grew up with the original cartoons, toys, and even comic books know Mirage as a Ligier JS11 Formula One car in its alt vehicle mode. But for the future Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, he’s stealing Jazz’s identity, transforming into a Porsche 911 Carrera with some heavy cross-branding with the automaker. Hasbro’s $25 toy version stands just 4.5-inches tall in bot mode, but converts to a surprisingly accurate 911 in 24 steps. We’re guessing Porsche had a lot of say in how that final model turned out.

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Lego Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Sets

It’s hard to say if there will be more sets on the way once the film officially hits theaters on May 5, but Lego has revealed its first run of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 sets… which certainly don’t reveal much more than what we’ve seen in the trailers. The smallest of the three is the 67-piece, $10, Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters which includes Star-Lord and Groot minifigures. The 330-piece, $35, Baby Rocket’s Ship is a step up from there, including both adult and baby Rocket minifigures. And then there’s the 1,108-piece, $100, New Guardians’ Ship, which includes five minifigures: Mantis, Drax, Star-Lord, Nebula, and Lego’s very first Adam Warlock figure. All three sets are set to be available starting April 1, but pre-orders are not yet live.

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Pokémon Tenth-Scale Wailord Poké Plush

Pokémon Day is a little over a week away (yes, of course it’s a thing) and ahead of the global festivities, the Pokémon company has revealed a suitably massive version of one of the largest Pokémon out there: Wailord. This Wailord Poké Plush is just one-tenth the scale of the 47-foot character in the games, which means it measures in at a little over 57 inches long. If you’re tight on space at home, you may have just found your new bed. It’s currently available for pre-order on the U.S. version of the Pokémon Center website until March 13 for a whopping $420, but won’t actually ship until November, later this year.

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Image: Paragon FX Group

Paragon FX Group Jurassic Park Cryogenics Canister

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Parkso you can expect to see even more merchandise for the film that arguably changed summer blockbusters forever with its groundbreaking use of computer graphics. Paragon FX Group is kicking things off with a replica of one of the film’s most memorable props that many assumed would be the catalyst for a sequel: the can of Barbasol shaving cream Nedry tried to use it to sneak dino embryos off the island. This replica version contains no menthol or cooling, but it does open up to reveal a pop-up centrifuge rack full of tubes inside. It’s made from actual CNC machined aluminum for accuracy which is why this replica will set you back $400, with pre-orders available nowand shipping expected sometime this summer.

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Image: Lego

Lego BTS Dynamite

If the letters B, T, and S lined up in that order don’t mean much to you, then congratulations on avoiding pop culture news for the past few years. BTS is the South Korean “boy band” formed way back in 2010 that has since become such a global phenomenon that Lego has deemed the group worthy of a set recreating the music video sit for BTS’ mega-hit, Dynamite. The 749-piece, $100 set includes minifigure versions of the entire group—Jung Kook, Jimin, SUGA, RM, Jin, and j-hope—with accessories like microphones and a stage full of hidden Technic gears that make the figures dance in unison on top when you turn a wheel. It will be available starting March 1, but isn’t available for pre-order yet.

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Image: Jada Toys

Jada Toys Hollywood Rides RoboCop and 1/24-Scale 1986 Ford Taurus

The filmmakers could have easily put RoboCop, the future of crime-fighting, in a souped-up vehicle rivaling the always over-the-top Batmobile. Instead, Delta City’s defender drove what the rest of the city’s police force did: a humble 1986 Ford Taurus, which, at the time, kind of looked futuristic in its own right. Jada Toys has a 1/24-scale die-cast version of Robo’s ride en route, with opening doors, trunk, and hood; rubber tires; and a light bar on top. It also comes with a 2.75-inch RoboCop figurine, but we’re not sure if it has enough articulation to climb inside, or what the pricing will be. Ohther vehicles in this linee at this scale have sold for $20 each.

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Image: Playmobil

Playmobil Citroën 2CV

Ooh-la-la. In recent years, Playmobil has brought us many fantastically detailed toy versions of real-life cars—including a Racing Porsche and Knight Rider‘s KITTbut its latest release is dialing down the speedometer. This is Lego’s take on the iconic French Citroën 2CV, first introduced to the world in Paris way back in 1948. It’s a very utilitarian vehicle, putting looks second, which Playmobil has managed to capture with this miniaturized version featuring room for four passengers, a removable hood, an opening tailgate, and swappable headlights. It’s debuting this month in Europe for £44.99—or roughly $54.

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