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Las Vegas 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Themed Dining Experience

Photo: Lost Spirits Distillery

There’s beginning to be more to Vegas than the strip, and at the forefront of the play paradise destination is Area 15home to immersive distillery Lost Spirits (and soon to be expanding with Universal Studios, too.) Lost Spirits is themed around sci-fi adventure literature; it boasts a futuristically aged selection of rum and nightly performance offerings in the curio and magic spheres. It also hosts a dining event to take you through a maelstrom of a meal.

io9 was invited as press to board this intriguing voyage. Taking on the role of Captain Nemo, Chef Taylor Persh serves a 16-course meal inspired by the story of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, through her artistically moody and audacious appetite adventure, Fish or Flesh. In a dining room that feels like you’re sitting in it Nautilus, you’re lulled into a sense of safety as the rum flows in teacups and in the food to aid you in allowing yourself to trust the fantastical flavors ahead. With notes of the coast, the sea, underwater kingdoms, and an escape to land ho, the experience is an unforgettable story lived that pushes your limits of taste and rewards it. Even if you’re a newcomer to dining excursions—but are fans of the immersive experiences set in cinematic or fictional realms—this isn’t to be missed.

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