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Influencer Joy the Baker Is Here to Plan Your Galentine’s Day Bash

Shower your squad with presents.

For Joy, February is the season of giving. “I feel like the Christmas holidays get so busy, inevitably there are people that I’ve forgotten to gift properly,” she explains. “So I have started to give my girlfriends really special Galentine’s Day presents.” Before she even sets the menu or dusts off a single champagne flute, she begins gathering up thoughtful trinkets for her gals.

But if the December holidays have soaked up every last one of your gift ideas, feel free to steal her go-tos, which include “a jewelry moment or something for the kitchen, like a big, beautiful trivet and a stone lazy susan.” Or consider giving them, uh, a hand in the form of a small bottle of lotion to place by their sink.

For those on a budget, she recommends scouring thrift store shelves. “Take a little small votive that you find at Goodwill and fill them with cute matches and put a little trivet underneath,” Joy suggests. “You can always repurpose something if you have a little bit of creativity and time to search.” Overall, she says, the goal is to find “something that I feel like my friends wouldn’t buy for themselves, so it feels extra special.”

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