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How Bachelor Nation Royalty Trista and Ryan Sutter Make It Work

Two decades later and the OG Bachelorette couple is healthier than ever.

Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter exchanged vows in a televised wedding on Dec. 10, 2003, bringing their fairy tale romance to a fittingly swoon-inducing conclusion. Twenty years, two children—Maxwell15, and Blakesley13—and countless Bachelor Nation breakups later, Trista and Ryan have remained the franchise’s ultimate success story. But even though they’ve seemingly proved the exception to the Bachelor curse, the couple doesn’t feel any pressure to live up to fans’ expectations.

“We feel pressure from ourselves because we want our relationship to be successful,” Trista told E! News while promoting her and Ryan’s new partnership with Purely Inspired. “I want to be married for 72 years, like my grandparents were. I love him. I love doing life with him. I love that he’s my best friend and I want that to continue. So the pressure just comes from internally.”

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