Eric Holder Jr. Sentenced to 60 Years to Life for Nipsey Hussle Murder

Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Eric Holder Jr. Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison

Eric Holder Jr. has learned his fate.

Almost four years later Nipsey Hussle was killed during a shooting outside his Los Angeles clothing store, Holder was sentenced on Feb. 22 to 60 years to life in prison for Hussle’s murder, per NBC News.

Back in July, Holder was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing Hussle, 33, in 2019. At the time, Holder was also convicted of two charges of attempted voluntary manslaughter and one count of possession of a firearm.

Prior to receiving this verdict, Holder was charged with one count of first-degree murder, along with two counts of attempted first-degree murder for two other people who were injured in the shooting. The jury found him guilty of lesser charges in connection with the surviving victims, landing instead on two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter.

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