Endlesss turned its music collaboration app into a beatmaking arcade machine

Ever wish you could play an arcade rhythm game that fostered creativity, not just matching notes? You now have your chance. Endless has turned its remote music collaboration software into an honest-to-goodness arcade machine, complete with joysticks, a touchscreen, an XY controller and a sea of ​​buttons. You can use it as a stand-up audio workstation with your own plugins and physical instruments, but it comes into its own in an arcade mode that challenges you to compose beats — you might have to loop drums, for example.

The cabinet is ultimately a community effort. Endless Discord member NJ Lang liked the idea of ​​an arcade rig so much that he built one, and it proved a hit when the company took it to events. The firm then built a production prototype, and had a strong-enough initial reception that NBA veteran Baron Davis became the first to buy one — you can see his reaction (and an Endless sales pitch) below.

This won’t be a trivial purchase. In fact, it’ll make many retro cabinets seem affordable. Endless is releasing 25 Launch Edition arcade systems in late February for a $9,999 “introductory” price. You’ll need to put down a $200 non-refundable deposit just to get into a pre-sale ahead of the public debut. You’re buying this because you have an artistic side and plenty of money to spare — everyone else will want to save those funds for essential music creation tools.

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