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Candiace & Gizelle Fight About Chris Bassett – Hollywood Life

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Before the official Real Housewives of Potomac reunion started on Feb. 19, producers played a clip of Robyn Dixon talking about her husband, John, on the Reasonably Shady podcast with Gizelle Bryant. Robyn revealed that Juan did, in fact, communicate with the woman who accused him of sleeping with her — but instead of sharing all the details on her podcast, Robyn said she’d be holding them for a future reveal on Patreon. This revelation was also made two weeks after the RHOP reunion had filmed. Robyn was also asked about the situation on a recent episode of WWHL with Andy Cohenbut since both of those discussions happened after the reunion, producers felt it was necessary to make sure audiences were fully aware of what was said.

Anyway, when the actual reunion kicked off, Ashley Darby revealed that she was starting to fall in love with Luke Gulbranson from Winter Housebut their relationship didn’t work out because she didn’t have appropriate boundaries set up with her estranged ex, Michael. In fact, she admitted that she and Michael have keys to each other’s houses, and Andy Cohen said that is strange. When the topic of her prenup came up, Ashley said she won’t be getting half of Michael’s assets, as things didn’t work out in her favor. Apparently, most of the money he made during their marriage came as a result of him investing old money into new business ventures, so none of it was up for grabs. Sounds like he has a really good lawyer.

Mia Thornton was up next, and she tried talking about both her health and her business with her husband Gordon, but it was hard to understand what she was trying to say. The only thing that made sense was when Mia confirmed that she and Gordon are having money problems after getting voted out of the family business. They’re currently living off their savings and the money she gets from the show.

Finally, the ladies discussed Gizelle’s accusations about Chris Bassett making her feel uncomfortable at the previous reunion. Gizelle actually apologized for saying Chris was a “sneaky link” by trying to see if she’d hook up with him behind Candiace Dillard Bassett‘s back, but Candiace had no interest in forgiving Gizelle. She actually accused Gizelle of using Chris for a storyline.

Gizelle pushed back at that claim by showing a DM Chris had sent her after Season 7 wrapped filming, in which he apologized for making her feel uncomfortable if that’s what he had done. Gizelle immediately said it was an “admission” from Chris, but Andy and Candiace begged to differ. “If” was the key word in Chris’ new DM.

Candiace further accused Gizelle of attacking marriages on the show, since she’s done it a number of times before — and she said instead of doing that, Gizelle should have talked more about her “dwindling uterus”, referencing a short conversation Gizelle previously had with her three daughters about possibly needing a hysterectomy.

Want more? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Potomac air Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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