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Aditya Chopra will not merge his Dhoom Universe with the Spy Universe

The Dhoom franchise from director Aditya Chopra won’t be combined with his Spy world, which also includes the Tiger franchise, War, and Pathaan. There have been rumors circulating since Monday that Aditya Chopra may be fusing the spy realm with his Dhoom universe.

“Dhoom franchise and Spy Universe are now two of the biggest IPs in the history of Indian cinema and Aditya Chopra, who owns both of them, will never merge the two because he wants to grow them separately,” said a source. “Spy Universe is a world of super spies and Dhoom is the world of anti-establishment anti-heroes.”

The source proceeded: “They can’t come together. He will protect the sanctity of these two universes and grow them separately to make them even bigger IP’s in the years to come. So, no you won’t see any characters from these Universes to overlap in either franchises. Story wise also it doesn’t make sense at all. So, all this talk is completely baseless that Jai Dixit will be seen in the Spy Universe. No one from Dhoom will be seen in the Spy Universe and vice vice versa.”

Aditya Chopra

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