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10 Wacko Moments From Republicans’ Hunter Biden Laptop Hearing

Photo: Noam Galai (Getty Images)

Republican lawmakers may not have had many kind words for Twitter or its employees, but there is one person associated with the company many were eager to praise: Elon Musk.

The newly minted Twitter CEO, who’s recently taken a turn towards right-wing conspiracy theories, was repeatedly proclaimed as the patron saint of free speech by lawmakers at the hearing. Apparently none of them are aware of Musk’s wave of petty account takedowns since he assumed the CEO role. Multiple lawmakers, Marjorie Taylor Greene and South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace among them, thanked their holy creator for the South African billionaire.

“Thank god for Matt Taibbi, thank god for Elon Musk,” Mace said, referencing a former Rolling Stone journalist who released the “Twitter Files.”

“I’m so glad you’re.” [Roth] censored now and I’m so glad you lost your jobs,” Greene said later. “Thank God Elon Musk bought Twitter.”

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, meanwhile, said “God bless Elon Musk.” The representative went on to say thank Musk for revealing data that “uncovered the disturbing cabal.”

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