10 posts from Zeenat Aman’s Instagram feed that prove she’s made a smashing social media debut

Zeenat Aman recently made her Instagram debut and is already a fan favorite. Many eagerly anticipate her uploads because of her humorous remarks and stunning retro photos from her early career. On February 11, the renowned actress posted for the first time on Instagram with the caption, “Laughing at the places life takes me. Why hello there, Instagram.” She has created about ten posts, and each one of them includes a thoughtful caption that is well-written. She posted a collection of images taken by Tanya Agarwal on February 12. She penned, “In the 70s the film and fashion industry was absolutely male-dominated, and I would often be the only woman on a set. Over the course of my career , I have been photographed and filmed by many talented men. A woman’s gaze though is different.”

Her beautiful captions consistently receive praises in the comments section, and she is showered with affection for them. Her captivating images and enticing words are eagerly anticipated by the audience. Check out a selection of our favorite posts from her account below:

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