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Reality TV star Catelynn Lowell30, isn’t apologizing for revealing Ashley Jones‘pregnancy. Catelynn took to her verified Twitter account to break it down for her 1.2 million loyal followers. “At the time of this whole altercation between Ashley & Briana, there were only 2 of us girls who knew Ashley was pregnant,” she wrote in part in the January 18 Tweet. The explanation came after a terrific physical altercation between Briana DeJesus and Ashley, which aired on the Tuesday, January 17 episode. In it, Briana threatened to “kick” Ashley’s throat. Ashley spit, and items were thrown. Catelynn, meanwhile, updated her costars on the news that Ashley was pregnant.

“I was outside when the actual physical part of the fight happened but I told Ashley (after all the yelling incident at dinner) that she doesn’t need this stress, drama, etc. because it’s not good for her & the baby!” Catelynn continued in the tweet, in part. “It was AFTER I knew about the physical attacks & risks, that I decided to let Jade know about Ashley being pregnant so that way everyone would at least know! Because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!”

She continued the extended statement, defending her decision to let the news out, on the grounds of her concern for the baby and the pregnancy. “Was it right of me to tell Jade about Ashley being pregnant? No! …” she admitted. “But honestly, I never thought Ashley would ever get physical & take that kind of risk with someone knowing she’s pregnant! If I were ever trying to fight some girl, I’d want to know if she’s pregnant or not! Or if I had a friend I knew who was hiding a pregnancy & she didn’t have control of her emotions & was about to get into a physical altercation with someone, you best believe I’d be running up there screaming at everyone involved, ‘She’s pregnant! Don’t touch her!’ so I could try & lessen the risk of something dangerous happening to her & her baby!”

Catelynn Lowell and Ashley Jones

Some of Catelynn’s fans agreed with her decision. “Standing up for what you believe in hurts sometimes,” one follower commented. “If they fought and something bad happened, they’d ask why you didn’t stop it. Also spitting on someone is vile. Just don’t.” Others didn’t think it was her news to tell, regardless of the circumstances. “But like you know Jade & Ashley aren’t friends…why would you tell her business?” asked another.

Catelynn, of course, is a mom herself. The Teen Mom OG star has four children — Carolyn13, who was born in 2009, and whom she and Tyler Baltierra put up for adoption. The duo subsequently welcomed three more kids together, including Novalee, 7, Vedas, 3, and Rya1.

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