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Watch Love is Blind’s SK Propose to Raven All Over Again

The weddings were just the beginning.

The couples from Love is blind season three reunites in this exclusive first look at the trailer for Love is Blind: After the Altar, premiering Feb. 10 on Netflix.

Alexa Alfia and Brennan Lemieux, who got married in the season three finale, are still going strong. So much so that Alexa wonders, “Are we at a point where we can give marriage advice?”

Whether or not they’re qualified, they’re certainly around some folks who could use the help, including controversial cutie connoisseur Cole Barnett (who, yes, mischievously tosses one of the orange fruits in the clip).

“Love can be blind,” Cole says in the trailer, “but it wasn’t for me.”

With a face-to-face reunion with ex Zanab Jaffrey looming, Cole says, “Am I anticipating drama? One hundred percent!”

But when confronted about his past behavior, particularly the way he treated Zanab on the showCole indicates he wants to change, telling Brennon, “I am intending to be a better man.”

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