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The CW’s Gotham Knights TV Series Looks CW-y as Hell

Screenshot: The CW

When The Flash ends this seasonthe DC/CW universe as we’ve known it for more than a decade will be no more. But that doesn’t mean The CW is done with DC. Nor when Gotham Knights—the TV series, and not Rocksteady’s recently released video game– is coming in March, and here’s a new, incredibly CW-ish trailer as proof.

Basicallyit’s just a bunch of angry/quippy early 20-somethings fighting… crime? I guess?

Gotham Knights (The CW) “Rise” Trailer HD

Despite the presence of Supernatural’s Misha Collins as Harvey Dent, it’s not going to fill the Legends of Tomorrow-sized hole in my heart, especially because I was under the impression that the series would be focusing on Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s biological son, as he tried to solve his father’s murder. So imagine my surprise when I checked out the Wikipedia pge to discover the star is absolutely random Bruce Wayne adoptee named “Turner Hayes.”

Really, CW? None of Batman’s four canonical Robins were good enough to star in your show? Even though you have Carrie Kelley, Stephanie Brown, Harper Row, and the Joker’s maybe-daughter, Duela Dent, as characters? We’ll see if this motley crew can do anything other than that glower, make out, and pout at each other when Gotham Knights premieres on March 14.

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