Star Trek Picard Season 3 Final Trailer: TNG Is Back

Screenshot: Paramount

Jean-Luc Picard has one more fight left in him—and he needs some help from his friends to make sure he can win it.

Paramount has released the final trailer for the final season of Star Trek: Picardteasing the tumultuous events that will force Patrick Stewart’s legendary TNG Captain to play his last hand. After all, you better need something apocalyptic to get the bridge crew of the USS Enterprise back together.

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Official Trailer | Paramount+

And apocalyptic things do indeed look, as—contrary to assurances of the Captain who promises Picard and Riker (the returning Jonathan Frakes) a stress-free adventure—we get to see Starfleet ships blowing up, crashing into each other, and in general the good men and women of Starfleet, our returning heroes included, having a pretty hectic time. And so Worf (Michael Dorn), Geordi (LeVar Burton), Deanna (Marina Sirtis), and Beverly (Gates McFadden) all get back into the Starfleet saddle to help their old friend face a mysterious new enemy. Oh, and of course, Picard regular Brent Spiner is along for the ride too. But who is he playing this time, considering that Data bit the proverbial android bullet back at the end of season one?

Time will tell—and it’ll tell soon, as Star Trek: Picard returns February 16.

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