Ram Charan expresses his love for Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt films

Ram Charan is currently enjoying a career-high with RRR winning many accolades in the International territories. The film bagged the award for Best Original Song for Naato Naato at the Golden Globe Awards and this morning was also honored with Best Foreign Language Film at the Critics Choice Awards.

As he spoke to the media in the US, he expressed his love for Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt films, he said, “I never miss any Brad and Tom films,” he admits. “They were [both] somebody I looked up to when I was young. Seeing them again in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and Top Gun: Maverick, man, they don’t age. They are the same. Tom, for 38 years he looks the same and he’s only getting better and keeping us so close to him as fans of his.”

Ram Charan

It is heartwarming to hear an Indian star speak so passionately about Hollywood A-listers like a true fan.

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