Prince Harry Discusses the Possibility of Reconciling With the Royal Family

Prince Harry is expressing hope of healing his rift with the royal family.

In an interview with a UK station ITV, broadcast Jan. 8, journalist Tom Bradby told the Duke of Sussex people might feel he has destroyed any chance of reconciling with his loved ones in England by publishing his new tell-all memoir, Spare. In the book, Harry reveals details about his pasthis and Meghan Markle‘s 2020 exit as working members of the monarchy and their conflicts with the royal family.

Harry said he “100 percent” believes there is a chance of reconciliation. However, he said his family has “shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile up to this point.”

The 38-year-old added, “I’m not sure how honesty is burning bridges. You know, silence only allows the abuser to abuse. Right? So I don’t know how staying silent is ever gonna make things better.”

The royal family has declined to comment on the book or other remarks Harry has made about them in the press.

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