Pathaan gets a UA certificate after 10 cuts read here

Pathaan featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham has been embroiled in controversies ever since glimpses of it started showing up online. From leaked pictures to their song releases, there has been a mix of good and bad responses, nevertheless, the excitement around it has remained intact.

Pathaan Pathaan Pathaan

Now the latest news suggests that Pathaan has been given a UA certificate after certain cuts in the films. This includes the close-up shots of Deepika Padukone which were deemed inappropriate along with the dialogues.

Pathaan Pathaan Pathaan

Three cuts have been made in the Besharam Rang song that were too bold for the viewers. Whether the saffron outfit that wreaked havoc on viewers has been removed or not was mentioned in the report. Words such as RAW have been replaced with subtler terms like “Humare” and “Langde Lulle” with “Toote Foote.” Other words such as “Mrs. Bharatmata”, “Ashok Chakra”, and “scotch” were replaced with “Veer Puraskar”, “SBU” and “drink’ respectively. Also, any reference to Russia is also reported to have been eradicated.

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