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New Rian Johnson Detective Peacock Show

Lyonne in a sweater.

Natasha Lyonne stars in Poker Face.
Image: Peacock

“If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” It’s a question we ask and have been asked a billion times. And while the most common answers are things like “super strength” or “flight” or “invisibility,” the upcoming show Poker Face throws a new one into the mix: what if you could tell without a doubt if a person is lying?

Created by Ryan Johnson (Knives Out, The Last Jedi) and Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll, American Pie), Poker Face is a new show coming to Peacock starting on January 26. It’s not presented as a superhero show by any means—it’s much more in tune with something like Columbus or Kojakbut there’s no denying that the main character, Charlie (played by Lyonne), has a superpower. And she uses it to solve a new murder each and every week. Johnson wrote and directed several episodes of the show, which features a dynamite roster of talent. Check out the latest trailer.

Poker Face | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

As we said, although Charlie has a very cool, unexplained power, the show is in no way presented as such. It’s got a very distinct, 1970s vibe. Like something you’d find on TV when you were a kid on a Saturday afternoon. However, with Johnson’s obvious ability to tell a cool, twisty-turny story, and this cast, expectations couldn’t be higher for this very cool-looking show.

And, thanks to the press release, we have this wild list of that cast, most of whom only appear in a single episode. Check this out, in alphabetical order: Adrien Brody, Angel Desai, Audrey Corsa, Benjamin Bratt, Brandon Michael Hall, Charles Melton, Chelsea Frei, Cherry Jones, Chloë Sevigny, Clea DuVall, Colton Ryan, Danielle MacDonald, Dascha Polanco, Ellen Barkin , Hong Chau, Jasmine Aiyana Garvin, Jameela Jamil, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Judith Light, Leslie Silva, Lil Rel Howery, Luis Guzmán, Megan Suri, Niall Cunningham, Nicholas Cirillo, Nick Nolte, Reed Birney, Rhea Perlman, Ron Perlman, Rowan Blanchard, S. Epatha Merkerson, Shane Paul McGhie, Simon Helberg, Stephanie Hsu, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tim Meadows.

Poker Face debuts on Peacock January 26 with its first four episodes. The next six will then follow that.

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