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Lauren Ambrose Teases “Shocking” End to Servant

Servant is just about ready to serve up its final helping.

As Lauren Ambrose prepares for one last outing as Dorothy Turner, she exclusively teased to E! News that fans can expect an “interesting and fascinating” conclusion to Baby Jericho’s story.

When viewers last saw Dorothy, she had fallen over a railing and was unable to move on the ground floor of her apartment, as Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) held the baby in her arms. But while she may have survived the season three cliffhanger, as can be seen in our exclusive first look at the next episode, things are still “pretty devastating.”

“We have a real power struggle with Dorothy, stripped of, basically, the thing that is most important to her, which is control,” she told E! News. “She can’t take care of her child at all. The stakes are through the roof. These characters have been through so much.”

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