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James Gunn’s ‘Unannounced DC TV Show’ Predictions Open Channel

James Gunn directing on Harley Quinn

Screenshot: HBO Max

As the The hierarchy of power continues to change at DC Studiosnew head of film and TV James Gunn continues to wear many hats. In a tweet where he casually described his day, Gunn revealed that besides wrapping things up with Marvel Studios and Guardians of the Galaxyhe’s also scripting an “unannounced DC TV show.”

What a busy, busy man! Color us intrigued and very curious about what this show could be. There was already some talk about that Peacemaker spin-off centering on Amanda Waller, so who knows what character Gunn is going to focus on. We’re guessing that this new show is part of the first phase of the new DC TV slate rather than connected to his Suicide Squad universe. Another thing that’s worth noting, Dave Bautista has also been on the WB’s payroll with Dune and Blade Runner 2049, so it begs to question if the man who is done with Drax will be teaming up with Gunn on a DC character soon. Maybe… Bane, we hope!

What are your predictions for this unknown DC TV project? Let us know in the comments below which DC comics property you’d like to see James Gunn tackle next on the small screen-aand who you’d want to see star in it.

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