Biker Gets Caught After Posting Police Chase on TikTok

The biker was on the run from the Georgia State Patrol.

The biker was on the run from the Georgia State Patrol.
Image: Frank May (AP)

A biker in Georgia was on the run from the law and almost got away with it, that is until he prematurely posted about his victory on social media.

The Clayton County Police Department issued arrest warrants for an unidentified motorcyclist who uploaded a video of themselves being chased by the police on TikTok and YouTube, WSB-TV reported.

The motorcyclist was being chased by the Georgia State Patrol and managed to throw them off the trail. However, authorities were able to identify the make and model of the rare sports motorcycle through footage posted online of the chase itself using investigative software. As it turns out, there was only one of those vehicles registered in that area and the authorities were able to track down its owner. They also reportedly found photos of the motorcycle on the suspect’s social media accounts.

The video was posted on the Clayton County Police Department’s Facebook page and shows the driver speeding on the interstate while maneuvering their way through traffic and in-between cars. The police department celebrated the arrest with a siren and police car emoji on their post.

Clayton County police issued a total of 12 arrest warrants for the biker, although the charges were not announced. The suspect has also since reported admitted to their crimes.

Bragging about crime on social media can get you arrested as authorities are able to use photographic or video evidence posted online against you. Law enforcement have been increasingly relying on social media platforms to solve crimes and track down suspects. The more common cases are of social media users posting pictures of drugs or guns.

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