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10 Windows Interfaces That Are Burned Into Your Brain Forever

"Bliss," the default desktop background of the Windows XP operating system.

Pure XP Bliss
Image: Microsoft

As I lay on my death bed, the last image that flashes before me will be of a menu on Windows XP, seared into brain cells that are supposed to be used for memories of loved ones. I’m sure of it.

Windows ain’t what it used to be. Twenty years ago, Microsoft was so powerful that the full force of the US government came down on the company for forcing people to use Internet Explorer. Remember when US regulators used to do something about monopolies? But compared to competitors like Apple, Google, and Meta, the Microsoft of today feels almost quaint, a faceless corporation that just wants to sell you the latest version of Excel (Though Bill Gates’ baby is still worth $1.68 trillion.)

Still, for so many of us, our formative years came at the height of Microsoft’s computing dominance. Even the youngest Gizmodo readers probably spent a lot of hours staring at Windows 7. The screens, buttons, images, and apps of old Windows interfaces are with you forever, even if you can’t see them on your iPhone or your fancy MacBook Pro.

Here are 10 Windows interfaces you’ll never be able to forget, no matter how hard you try.

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