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YouTube Releases Its Top 10 Ads of 2022: Amazon, HBO, & Disney

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YouTube just published its year-end reviewrounding up the top trending content for 2022. Sure, you could check out their list of top videos, most popular creators or trendiest Shorts (the platform’s response to TikTok-style short form videos), but honestly, who cares about all that junk? We all know what you want to see: those sweet, sweet ads.

For anyone who can’t get enough of the pre-roll commercials that YouTube makes you sit through before you watch a video, this round up of crowd favorites is sure to please.

YouTube crunched the numbers company to dish out the most “popular” ads based on views, watch time and audience retention (factoring both paid and organic views, ie people that actually went out and searched for the ads on purpose). The company limited it to one entry per advertiser so more brands could get in on the fun.

Here are the top ads for the US, but if you want to get global, YouTube published a breakdown of the top ads worldwide too.

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