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What’s the Dial of Destiny?

Image for article titled Everything We Saw in the Trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Image: Lucasfilm

First—apologies for the bad image. This is a very fast action shot and this frame, as it’s fading out, is the clearest I could get of Indy himself. Either way, this is about 55 seconds into the trailer and it’s a clearly full CGI version of Harrison Ford in a ticker tape parade. The ticker tape parade, we believe, is for the Moon landing in 1969. And while the rest of the trailer has lots of other shots from this apparently huge action set piece, CGI Indy in this shot is the worst part of the trailer. He just looks bad.

This shot is followed by one of Boyd Holbrook’s characters Klaber, who reportedly works for Voller, in a car doing a spin in the middle of the parade, and then Indy being chased by Klaber through the parade. The scene looks super fun. But CGI Indy? Oof.

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