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Turning My Mom Into Me Is TikTok’s Newest Empowering Trend

TikTok’s latest style trend is putting a fun twist on the phrase “like mother, like daughter.”

The “turning my mom into me” trend has taken over nearly everyone’s For You Page on the video-sharing app, with the viral fad showcasing kids transforming their moms into versions, of, well, themselves.

At first, TikTokers record their mom’s in the parent’s signature style, which has ranged from cardigans to wrap dresses. Then, after stepping away from the camera for an outfit change, the moms make a grand entrance, strutting their stuff in their kids’ attire. Ironically, many of the parents end up rocking pieces—crop tops, low-rise jeans and butterfly clips—that were in style when they were teens because ’90s and Y2K fashion reigned supreme in 2022.

TikTok user @__hinckley (aka Hannah Hinckley), whose video has 30 million views, showcased her mom’s transformation, in which the matriarch stepped out in an off-shoulder school shirt, flared jeans and sneakers.

One follower commented, “It’s giving Britney Spears,” while another wrote, “she was definitely feeling herself, as she should.”

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