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Goldbergs Sneak Peek: Adam, Carmen Hit a Relationship Milestone

It won’t be a blue Christmas for Adam Goldberg.

In E! News’ exclusive clip of The Goldbergs‘Dec. 7 episode, the aspiring filmmaker (Sean Giambrone) gets cozy with crush Carmen (Isabella Gomez), who works at the same 1950s-themed diner as him. But to do so, he needs to get into the Christmas spirit.

After mentioning that the two haven’t talked in a while, Carmen suddenly leans in for a kiss—which catches Adam off-guard. But of course, Carmen has an explanation: There’s mistletoe hanging above the two of them.

“Thank you, magical Christmas vegetation!” Adam excitedly says in response.

But that isn’t the only relationship milestone the two hit. A fumbling Adam tries to ask Carmen out on a date—which, of course, she helps him with. But when they start planning their outing, Carmen decides she’ll treat Adam to some egg nog because her customers have been extra-generous around the holiday season.

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