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Elon Musk Says @ElGrecoSF Has Tiny Testicles

No follow-up to this one yet, though.

Elon Musk is fiddling while Rome burns—or rather shitposting as one of his companies’ stock price plummets. Tesla’s value has dropped precipitously over the past week and month, with multiple news outlets forecasting the electric vehicle manufacturer could have its worst year on record since going public in 2010—and possibly even the worst year of any S&P 500 companies.

Meanwhile, Musk has been active as ever on Twitter. “And you have tiny testicles!”, the world’s second richest person and the owner of five different corporations posted in response to random users @ElGrecoSF—who has about 500 followers on the platform, as of writing—after the account criticized Musk’s anti-“woke” meme post.

The original, unhinged tweet:

Screenshot of a tweet

The response:

Screenshot of tweets

Ah yes, the internet loves a testicular burn. (But WebMD says you should get that checked out.)
Screenshot: Twitter/Gizmodo

Nothing says “very stable genius,” or trustworthy CEO, to investors quite like tweeting out balls-themed insults to every 500-follower account that responds to your right-wing boomer memes. And unfortunately for the Twitter/Tesla owner, climate activist Greta Thunberg has cornered the market on primo, genitalia-related clapbacks.

Other recent Musk hits include a series of vaguely anti-vax, Covid conspiracy adjacent tweets, including the latest Twitter Files installment. Then there’s a number of posts understandably celebrating successful SpaceX launchesplus, some anti-immigrant fearmongeringand whatever this is supposed to mean:

In the background, Twitter continues to flail post-acquisition, as the billionaire makes a series of increasingly confusing, rapid-fire policy and staffing decisions. Musk has brought in SpaceX employees to help run the hollowed-out platform, a source close to the matter told Gizmodo on Friday. And despite a modest ~3% rebound today, Tesla stock has fallen nearly 40% in the past month.

All told, Musk has tweeted, retweeted, or replied on Twitter more than 50 times in the past 24 hours. It probably would’ve been more, but it looks like he logged off for about five hours between 5:07 am ET (2:07 am PT) and 10:13 am ET—hopefully, to get some well-earned sleep.

After all, the man has a social media platform, an electric automaker, a private space exploration company, a biomedical company, and a tunneling/construction service to run.

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