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Alicia Keys Reacts to Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Singing Her Song

Alicia Keys is “Fallin'” for Gabrielle Union‘s little karaoke queen.

After Union’s 4-year-old daughter Kaavia James Union Wade recently covered the Grammy winner’s hit 2012 anthem “Girl on Fire” in an adorable Instagram videothe singer revealed what it means to her to have a new generation finding inspiration in her music.

“That is everything,” Keys exclusively told Oh! News (airing tonight at 11:30 pm). “That’s the biggest, most beautiful gift.”

She continued, “When you create music, I think you create it because, first of all, you have something to share and then you want people to feel it. So when these little girls and boys and grown folks sing ‘Girl on Fire’ with so much conviction and so much love, it reminds them that they are powerful, they are possible, they are on fire.’

For that reason, Keys considers the hit one of her greatest accomplishments. “In a way it’s one of the best things I ever did,” she told E! News. “And I had no idea it would have that effect for so many people—but that it does, that makes me feel not only powerful but humble.”

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