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2022 Was Star Trek’s Best Year in Decades

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Image: Paramount

You would think if you could successfully cover more than half the year in new weekly episodes of Star Trekyou had enough Star Trek going on at the moment. But Paramount doesn’t seem to think so—in between dropping episodes of Trek like they were two-for-one raktajinos on Deep Space Nine’s promenade, the studio announced that a long-previously-announced plan for a Starfleet Academy series was being reworked into a new Paramount+ series this year.

It also confirmed time and time again that Michelle Yeoh’s spinoff Section 31 series is still in the works, just a long way offafter Yeoh exited Discovery during its third season. And then there’s of course renewals, like Discovery season five, Lower Decks season four, Prodigy and Strange New Worlds each getting a season two… if this year was any indicator, we’re going to be doing an awful lot of trekking again in 2023 and beyond.

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