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Why Nicki Minaj Now Has “Less Fear” Standing Up for Herself

Do we have a problem? If so, Nicki Minaj will speak up.

The “Chun Swae” rapper recently revealed why she no longer has reservations about saying what’s on her mind. It’s partially thanks to Nicki’s realization that standing up for herself won’t cost her career.

“There’s always been a level of fear there because this is a business. And the same way people at a nine-to-five can lose their job, and won’t be able to pay their bills, an artist can lose their job, Nicki said in an interview for id‘s The Royalty Issue, published online Nov. 9. “I guess there is a little less fear now at this point in my career because I realize that my fans aren’t going anywhere. I’ve paid my dues.”

Nicki noted, “If I never rap again, I will still leave this earth as is an icon.”

Additionally, the 39-year-old came to the decision that she has to “speak up now” despite hypocrisy in the industry.

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