Why Chris Hemsworth Is Taking Time Off Acting

And Limitless didn’t just grant Chris a renewed outlook. It also granted him some important information on his health.

As seen in the series, Chris went through a variety of genetic tests, which led him to learn that he has an increased risk for Alzheimer’s Disease, per the outlet. Chris recalled what it was like to learn about this result—one where he is “eight to 10 times more likely” to develop Alzheimer’s in the future.

“I didn’t really know what to think,” he said. “I was like, ‘Am I supposed to be worried? Is this concerning?'”

He eventually learned that the gene isn’t “pre-deterministic” but rather a “strong indication” for him. Ultimately, the news made the docuseries all the more impactful for him.

“The show, which initially was an exploration of longevity and, of course, should be fun, became even more relevant and important for me, even more poignant than I ever thought it would be,” he said. “It was a really good catalyst to dive into everything I needed to be doing in either the prevention front or the management front.”

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