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Twitter’s $8 per month Blue subscription with paid account verification arrives on iOS

Twitter has begun rolling out support for the new, more expensive version of it . As of Saturday, the company’s iOS app now reflects the fact that users can pay $8 per month to obtain a verified account. The changelog notes people who sign up for Twitter Blue will receive a checkmark, “just like the celebrities, companies, and politicians you already follow.”

However, it looks like Twitter is still rolling out the necessary backend changes to support the change more broadly. There are of users not seeing a blue checkmark on their account even after signing up for the new subscription. Additionally, Twitter has yet to update its Android app, and the other perks Elon Musk promised would be part of the revamped Twitter Blue, such as the ability to post longer videos, are listed as “coming soon.” What the updated iOS app does include is a tweaked notification tab that features a column dedicated to displaying tweets solely from verified users.

It’s unclear when all the elements Musk promised will be in place, but he employees working on making verification a paid feature until November 7th to complete the work or else lose their jobs. On Friday, the company began laying off about leaving entire teams gutted.

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