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The Peripheral Exclusive Clip: Alexandra Billings as Lowbeer

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Fans of Prime Video‘s The Peripheral will have noticed that for all the discussion of “the Met”—the police force that acts as a balance to the corrupt elite class and the mysterious (also corrupt) Research Institute that controls futuristic London—we have yet to really meet them. That’s about to change with today’s episode.

Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer (Transparent‘s Alexandra Billings)—accompanied by her right-hand robot, Beatrice—makes her debut in episode six, which is titled “Fuck You and Eat Shit” for reasons we won’t spoil here, but are made perfectly clear in context. She shows up to let basically everyone we’ve been following in The Peripheral‘s 2099-set story know that their timeline-compromising shenanigans haven’t gone unnoticed by the authorities. Heavy “I’m the boss and don’t you forget it” vibes, in other words.

To further introduce you to her, io9 has an exclusive clip from next week’s episode, “The Doodad,” which shows the enigmatic Inspector Lowbeer having a chat with Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz)—or rather, Flynne in the “peripheral” shell that allows her to virtually visit 2099 London from her home in 2032 North Carolina. At this point in The Peripheralthe characters are entangled in a dangerous, complicated situation, and both women have some questions.

What’s Your Biggest Fear? | The Peripheral Season 1 Clip | Prime Video

It is very on brand for Flynne not to be intimidated by someone like Inspector Lowbeer, and it’s still unclear what the Met is doing poking around here—but could these two end up being allies as the story progresses? Produced by Westworld‘s Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, and created for TV by Scott Smith (A Simple Plan), The Peripheral is based on William Gibson’s 2014 novel. After “Fuck You and Eat Shit” airs tomorrow, “The Doodad” airs on November 25—then there’s just one more episode to go, with the season’s eighth and final entry arriving December 2 on Prime Video.

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