The Backbone One mobile gamepad now works with Android phones

The wait is over. One of the you can buy is finally available to use with Android phones. Starting today, you can order the from the company’s website and select retailers. At $100, it’s in the same price range as options like that but the Backbone One has a few things going for it over some more affordable controllers.

To start, it features an intelligent design that incorporates a USB-C passthrough for charging and a 3.5mm audio connection. If you’ve used an Xbox controller in the past, you’ll feel at home with the Backbone One thanks to its asymmetrical stick layout and standard A, B, X and Y button layout. A version of the controller for Android phones isn’t listed yet, but back when Backbone announced it was partnering with Sony, the company told Engadget it was working on a USB-C variant. The new Android variant still comes with the company’s excellent companion app. The software makes capturing and sharing screenshots and footage from your games easy. It also simplifies finding games that are compatible with the controller.

The Backbone One is compatible with “most” Android handsets. As with the iPhone version, you will probably need to remove your phone from its case to ensure a snug fit. If you pre-ordered the Backbone One for Android before November 1st, the company says it will fulfill your order before the end of the month. All purchases come with a one-month trial to Google Play Pass.

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